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The Story Behind There’s Something About I Love You

The Story Behind There’s Something About I Love You
Cover design of There's Something About "I Love You"

There’s Something About I Love You is author Chelsea Williams’ debut children’s book. Featuring a single-parent family and focusing on a message of love, the story is a personal one. Williams learned first hand just how powerful love can be after becoming a single mom. In fact it was the strong bond she and her daughter had that inspired her to write.

The love of a child

Raised by a single mom until she was five, Williams’ never built a relationship with her father. It was partly his absence that instilled a sense of worthless within her. As she got older and struggled with body image, Williams’ self-esteem only plummeted. She soon found herself in an unloving relationship that wound up in an unplanned pregnancy.

It was a week after her daughter was born that she found the strength to leave that relationship. But during those first few years, the struggles of coparenting, working with a child, and keeping up with adult responsibilities on her own became overwhelming. Williams’ was at what she calls her lowest point when her daughter’s personality started to blossom, and she expressed love for the first time. It seems that at just the right time, her daughter brought her a sense of belonging and love when she needed it most.

Williams’ always had a knack for writing, and had started in on a novel before the idea for a children’s book came to mind. But the more she got to know her daughter, her desire to write a children’s book became stronger. Buying her first laptop and a handy dandy notebook, she got to work on ideas. Her love of cooking had her thinking a children’s cookbook would be fun, but then the idea to tell her own story came to mind.

So there in a notebook she still has today, she started in on writing her first children’s book manuscript. After finishing the first draft, Williams submitted her work for a review and while the feedback was good, there were seemingly too many questions about the manuscript that she just didn’t know how to answer. For the next 5 years she put her dream away and focussed on work and motherhood.

Just a little encouragement

In the early spring of 2021, Williams found herself on the Clubhouse app in a room entitled: what’s holding you back? The ladies in the room were discussing things they’d wanted to do that they just hadn’t gotten to, and what the reasoning behind that was. Williams talked about always having wanted to write a book and told the group she even had a manuscript somewhere in her home. She was heavily encouraged to go after her dream and after a bit of thought she decided she would.

It was from there on that she set out finding an illustrator, rewriting and rewriting and rewriting her manuscript, and learning the ropes of an indie author. The message of the book being love, Williams main goal is to reach single parents and their children. Knowing all too well the struggles that come with being in a single-parent family, it’s her hope to bring what ever encouragement she can with this first book.

Coming soon

There’s Something About I Love You is a book that all families will be able to appreciate. It’s overwhelming message of love is one that all will relate to, and appreciate. Now available for pre-order, it is set to release to the public in early fall 2022.

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