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How You Can Make Your Own Dreams Come True!

How You Can Make Your Own Dreams Come True!

Have you ever had ideas or dreams SO BIG you thought they’d never come to fruition? Maybe you wanted to start a cupcake and ice cream business but couldn’t afford to pay for a brick and mortar. Or maybe you came up with this amazing invention but didn’t have the funds to create it. That my friends, is why you need to know about Kickstarter.

Kickstarter? What’s that?

I’m so glad you asked! Kickstarter is a crowdfunding platform for creatives designed to help them bring their projects to life. And whether you’re a creator yourself, or someone who just gets really excited about new things, you’ll want to be on there.

What’s awesome about Kickstarter is it’s for creatives of all kinds. Whether you’re wanting to start a t-shirt company, or publish your first book, Kickstarter will help you get there. By creating a campaign, you’ll get to set a funding goal, tell your story, and create fun rewards for people who want to back your project!

The thing about Kickstarter though is that you have to meet your goal, or you don’t get funded. So it’s a great way to push yourself to make your dreams come true!

Backers – They believe in you!

Now like I said earlier, Kickstarter isn’t just for creatives. The platform wouldn’t be successful if it wasn’t for the backers themselves! What’s a backer? Well, simply put it’s a person who believes in your project enough to help fund it.

The special thing about being a backer is you have a hand in bringing someone’s idea to life! There are so many different kinds of projects to check out too. And backing a project doesn’t come without its perks!

When you back someone’s project you will quite literally reap the benefits. With projects that are aimed at creating physical products, you’ll most likely be sent the product itself, merch, or something else related. It’s like a huge thank you for believing in that person and their idea!

Do you have big dreams?

If you’re a creator or just someone with a big idea, I highly recommend you go pop around on Kickstarter to check out what people are doing. It will take some hard work, dedication, and a lot of research, but when you reach your goal you’ll be so proud of yourself!

If you want to check out a project currently working it’s way to the finish line, Yobe Qiu and Kim Ann’s Quick Affirmation Book Series for Super Busy Women and Men already has it’s Projects We Love badge! With their series they’re hoping to spread the message of self care and positive affirmations. Now how could you pass that up?

Another project that’s coming soon is Color me Blue by Gina Stevens. In this book, Greenleigh Sue discovers the potential of color by creatively using crayons of every hue. The illustrations in this one are absolutely stunning and it’s sure to spark some creativity within your kiddos! Follow the link and click, Notify me on launch to help fund this project on Feb. 14!

My Kickstarter Campaign

While my Kickstarter isn’t ready just yet, I can tell you that it will be here on February 22! For the past year I’ve been working on making my own dreams come true by writing my debut children’s book about a young girl who saves her mom through the power of a simple I love you. It features a single-parent family and will encourage your children to show love to others while reminding you to hold on to what brings you happiness and love!

Beyond the book, you will LOVE all of the extra goodies I have coming your way! You will get a chance to receive printable coloring sheets, special access to the lively audiobook, a plushie bee doll, and even a golden ticket to a virtual book launch party!

Stay up to date!

To stay in the know and get regular updates, come hang out on Instagram! I’m doing weekly lives on Mondays at 5 PM eastern to let you in on what’s going on behind the scenes and answer any questions you might have. You can also sign up for the newsletter below to get notified when the Kickstarter launches. Either way, you’ll get the opportunity to access special deals during kickoff!

I would love to connect with you! So if you have a Kickstarter campaign launching soon let me know so I can support you! If you’re a mom in need of another mom friend, shoot me a DM on Instagram! In the meantime, stay warm and stay happy!

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