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About Chelsea Williams

Chelsea Williams was born in Elkhart, Indiana and has remained in the small town of Middlebury since childhood. Her young daughter even attends the same elementary school that she did. As a child Williams enjoyed artistic outlets like acting, music, and writing. In fact, she wrote her first short story called The End of the Jazz Music – a comedic mystery – in the 4th grade.

Starting in middle school and carrying on into high school, cooking became Williams’ new obsession. She would stay up late into the night watching Rachael Ray and was utterly fascinated with how a few ingredients could create the most perfect looking dish. During her last two years of high school, she enrolled in the Elkhart Area Career Center’s culinary arts program where she learned many culinary skills that she has benefited from still today. Though she had big dreams of one day owning her own bakery (still dreaming) she ultimately decided college wasn’t for her, and instead worked as a server assistant at Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse for 3 years.

Throughout those years though her focus was not on a creative career, she would often find herself writing poetic (and tragic) Facebook captions and would picture herself the star of her own movie as she drove down the road on breezy summer day, windows down, blasting music to the point of blowing the speakers in her little silver Hyundai. 

It was after Williams’ daughter was born that her creative juices once again began to flow. Finding herself now working in the world of RVs, it was almost too easy for her to come up with a character for a story based on the many personalities she came across. It was while sweeping the floor one day at work that an idea for a novel came into her mind, and from there on she had her mind made up to write a book.

Though at first, she had the notion to write a novel, coming into her own as mom and enjoying her daughter’s blossoming personality prompted her to change direction and start with a children’s book. It was her daughter’s ability to help her through a hard time in her life that inspired Williams’ debut book, There’s Something About “I Love You” which is set to release in early fall 2022.

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