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A Children’s Book that will Change Your Life

A Children’s Book that will Change Your Life

A children’s book that will change your life? That might sound like a reach, and I’d ask you to trust me but I’ll let you decide for yourself when you read it. In the meantime I’ll tell you why you’ll definitely want my upcoming children’s book, There’s Something About “I Love You,” in your kiddo’s personal library.

A Children’s Book for Adults

A mother and daughter reading a children's book together representing the bond they have with each other.

I recently came across the term, children’s books for adults when searching for hashtags to use on one of my Instagram posts. When I saw it I thought, oh, that’s genius. It totally validated me because I wrote a children’s book that is yes of course for your children, but will also help you as a parent.

In my last blog post, How to Show Your Kids that They Matter I talk about how big of an impact our kids make on us. It’s actually a big message in my children’s book. In fact, when asked what the book is about, my answer is it’s the story of a young girl who saves her mom with the power of just those three little words we all hold so dearly. It’s a book that will show your children just how important and special they are and encourage them to show kindness and love to others.

What I love most about it though is that I could also say, it’s the story of a single mom who found her way out of the darkness only by the light of her young daughter. Did that change how you interpreted the book? It put you front and center didn’t it. Instead it being all about the hero herself, it sheds light on who the hero is saving. And by doing that the story will help you as the parent feel what the mom feels.

What Does the Mom Feel?

Throughout the book you’ll see just how thankful the mom is for her daughter. Whether she’s feeling worn down after a long day or trying to figure out how to pay her bills, her daughter is always there bringing a smile to her face. You’ll see how even the smallest things touch her heart.

And therein lies the major message that you as the parent will get from this book. It’s really a reminder to focus on and be thankful for the person or thing that brings light into your life. The thing that made you want to start praying again, or the person that has helped you not give up on yourself.

These things or these people probably haven’t taken take away your problems, but they most definitely have helped you through your struggles. And they continuously help you keep going when you don’t think you can. I know this because that’s exactly what my daughter has done for me. I still struggle, but having her in my life has kept me going.

This Book is Important

Out of all the “side hustles” I’ve tried to turn into a full-time thing, becoming a writer is hands down the one that means the most to me. It’s not just a hobby, or a way to make money. It’s a way for me to connect with you as my reader, and do for you what books have done for me.

Books take you places. They can distract you from what’s going on in your life, open your mind to endless possibilities, and even give you hope. And that’s what my children’s book will do for you. It will remind you that bad days don’t equal a bad life. It will help you feel seen and less alone in your struggles. Your children will read it and see how good they can make others feel with just the smallest gesture.

Featuring a single parent and biracial family, There’s Something About “I Love You” also represents multiple groups of people who aren’t represented enough. The story will touch your heart, and the illustrations will capture your child’s attention. (They might even inspire a dance party or two.) This is the book that your kiddo’s personal library is missing, and a book that will stay with you for years to come.

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