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Have you ever felt so overwhelmed that you weren't able to enjoy the little things? Has depression or anxiety taken away your joy at times? When you're going through difficult times it can be a struggle to see the good around you. There's Something About "I Love You" is a story that will remind you to hold on tight to those that bring light into your life when you need it most.

The Story Behind The Story

Read the story behind how author Chelsea Williams brought There's Something About "I Love You" to life!

While we try
to teach our children
all about life

Our children
teach US
what life is all about

- Angela Schwindt

There's Something About "I Love You" highlights the power our children have to bring us joy just by being themselves. Our children see the world through innocent eyes and they love in such a pure way and it truly is contagious! When you're reading this book with your family, you're sure to draw closer to your kids and other loved ones.

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Justine Reyes
Readers' Favorite
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Sometimes all we need is love. It will set us right and banish the loneliness we feel in our everyday lives. As I grow older, I've been reading many children's books and chapter books. I'm not entirely sure why this is - maybe it's nostalgia, maybe not. Regardless, I've found that despite their short length most children's books and chapter books are moving. This is another one of those books. The colors are vibrant and the characters' warm brown eyes are full of life. The story follows a single mother and her daughter. The mother is the narrator and talks about how the three simple words, "I love you," are enough to get her through everything. She sees her daughter as her source of strength and even goes as far as to call her daughter a superhero. Even though There's Something About “I Love You” by Chelsea Williams is meant for children, the emotional depth within its pages is evident. Adults, especially parents, will be able to appreciate it. Just before the last page, as the mother tucks her daughter in, she looks out at the moon and reflects: "When you say, 'I love you, Mom!' it makes my heart take flight. It helps me overcome the dark that wants to snuff out the light." That little tidbit had me in tears. Whether you are a mother or a father, there are moments when life feels impossible, but then you remember you're not alone in this life anymore. You've got your kid or kids. They love you and depend on you for almost everything. As a mom myself, I can confidently say that this little book is now a personal favorite.
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